How I Began Vlogging

Let’s time travel back to the summer of 2018…

I’m fresh from graduating fashion school, and I’m wanting to produce something stand-out in the hopes of getting a career in styling.

Through sheer coincidence, a friend of mine was given a bag full of sample swimwear for free and, knowing that I style shoots, passed that bag onto me. Time to get to work!

With the idea in mind, it was now time to assemble the creative team.

The photographer: Shannon Warner.

The hair & make-up artist: Tahnee Hughes.

The muse: Saskia Hast, who you may remember from the WELCOME TO DENZEL’S WORLD editorial shoot.

Together, we created this… GOD GIVEN TALENT presents:

Cher’s Summer Vacation

Because images ain’t enough to make ourselves stand-out in the very saturated world of high-quality, editorial Instagram posts, I decided to vlog the entire behind-the-scenes experience to add another layer to the visual story I was trying to tell. This would be the first vlog of many to come in the future.

Regardless of the end result (the end result being our work included in a magazine), the experience of creating together was definitely the most fun I had on a set. So much so, it’s a moment in time us four still look back on in joy. We reunited, via Zoom, for the first time in 2 years back in December 2020.

Gold Coast YouTuber & Creative Director of my own company, GOD GIVEN TALENT.